Tips for High Vis Clothing

If you are managing a team in an environment that has risk and a clear potential of injury or death, from construction sites to motorways, you should be aware that high visibility clothing is required to be provided free to those employees.

High visibility (HV) clothing can literally be a life saver and is standard PPE in a range of professions. Typical high visibility colours are orange, green or yellow.

HV Gear Standards

If you work with or near moving vehicles, for example if you work on road maintenance, HV clothing is required, so you are always visible to drivers. It should provide adequate visibility of a person in daytime, night time and in adverse weather conditions. The clothing must be CE marked to show it meets the correct standards, but it is also important to know what High Vis PPE is required for different situations.

Here’s some tips for choosing the right HV gear.

Guidelines on HV:

  • Don’t make do with too loose a fit tabards or gear, if it might snag on factory machinery.
  • The darker the working conditions, the more HV is required.
  • HV coats might be too warm for summer or indoors working conditions. Choose vests or lighter alternatives.
  • Make sure it has minimum restriction on the movements of the individual.
  • Does it fit around other types of PPE clothing – like chemical protection gear?
  • Is it in a clean state and good working order?
  • Are workers adequately supervised and trained in wearing the HV gear?

Time for Reflection

Clothing such as coveralls, jackets, waistcoats, tabards, trousers and harnesses that conforms to the right standards should also have labelling for their effectiveness. For class of conspicuous materials – find the letter X which should have next to it a rating - Class 3 is the highest (the best) and Class 1 the lowest. Similarly find the letter Y which indicates retroreflection performance where Class 2 is being more visible than Class 1, when lights shine on it in the dark.

It’s important to consider, when giving out HV clothing that you ensure the wearer is informed of risks, when and how the garment is used and to make sure anyone with the gear informs you when it is damaged or needs replacing.

Safpro has a full range of high visibility clothing to choose from for all situations. If your team works in conditions where they must be visible for safety reasons, contact us so we can advise on the most suitable high vis gear, or look at our online range here.