How To Counter 5 Workplace Injuries

If you want to avoid common injuries and workplace incidents where workers can face potentially serious harm, select the right PPE to counter the impact!

Gear Guide: 5 Innovations

At Safpro we excel at innovative new products that your team will use with pride. The following items in this list stand out for safety, style and!

New Hardhat Cooling System In Demand For Summer

Company bosses want their workers to keep a cool head this summer with an innovative, easy-to-use new product that inserts into hardhats. The new cooling!

A solution to preventing insurance claims from workplace injuries

Even though all employees should be entitled to a safe working environment, the sad reality is that every year thousands of people are injured as a result!

Introducing the new Safpro website!

We are delighted to officially announce the launch of our new website! Our goal with the new website was to provide our visitors a!