Keeping you safe at work

The EN 388 Standard in Brief: Why it's a welcome change for high risk industries

-19 July 2018

A new version of EN 388, the standard used to regulate cut protection in safety gloves, was published in November 2016.

We recently had a refresher training session with Globus, one of our key...

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5 tips to stay cool and safe at work

-16 July 2018

The heatwave which has left much of Britain sweltering is set to continue, forecasters say.

Although we are yet to see a repeat of 1976 - one of the most prolonged heatwaves in the UK -...

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Is your Access Equipment recorded & traceable?

-14 June 2018

Here at Safpro we are continually developing solutions specifically for field-based service engineers, our key business focus. We have worked very hard to understand and work closely with this...

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Ladder Safety, It's all up to you...

-12 June 2018

Around two million ladders are used daily in the UK and over a third of all reported fall from height incidents involve ladders and stepladders.

 If ladders and stepladders are being used it’s...

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The Benefits of PPE Vending Machines

-16 May 2018

Over the past 5 years, we have seen PPE vending machines become increasingly important for companies within various industries throughout the UK. 

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